Ana sayfa Video Huge puss pocket drained

Huge puss pocket drained


I had four abscesses just like this in my left armpit, back to back. I could explain the whole story if people are interested- but for the sake of brevity I’ll shorten it.

It was terrible. I’ve never known pain like that. I’m stubborn though, and I definitely didn’t want my friends to notice. It would get so bad that I couldn’t rest my arm at anything less than a 90o angle.

All of them popped on their own, but the only one I explicitly remember happening was the first one. I was playing smash bros. brawl with some friend in my dorm’s lounge when I realized my armpit didn’t hurt any more. I had no idea wtf happened, so I casually performed an exploratory “scratch” to see what happened.

It felt like reaching into a warm steamy swamp. I had no idea what to do, so I jumped up mid-game to go take a shower- telling my friends I had a phone call to make.

Thankfully, I wear undershirts, so no one saw the damage except for me. It was gruesome. It looked like slightly yellowish-green ricotta cheese mixed with tomato sauce. And the smell! How did I not notice the smell? But, the pain was gone, and all was well… for about a week.

Rinse and repeat until they miraculously disappeared.level 2Potato_423 points·

This was my early 20’s. Except mine all popped at work. I worked at Fed Ex. In the summer. Shit was GROSS.level 1shewee33 points·

Whoa, what a completely miserable place to have such a harvest! Even tiny pit ingrowns hurt like a bitch, you poor thing :(level 2Fuckingouchforever31 points·

This is so terrible. It popped on its own, but I’m alone and it hurts way too much for me to drain it myself. Yooowwchh 🙁

Thanks for the sympathy, guys. I’ve never experienced anything like this so I’m pretty freaked out right now.Continue this thread level 1Fuckingouchforever41 points·

I have four abscesses in my arm pits :(level 2CleopatrasPalm6 points·

ouch, sorry for you!level 1jonesy85218 points·

I had an infected hair follicle in my armpit once. The putrid smell of death that erupted from the infection, after I squeezed it all out, was incredible and hit me in the face like a brick wall. It was the worst smell of B.O. I have ever encountered and took multiple hand washings/scrubbing to get the smell off. I can only imagine what yours will smell like when you get it lanced.level 2Fuckingouchforever11 points·7 years ago

So far it doesn’t smell, but I’ve barely drained it.level 1EbonFeathers16 points·

I am so sorry, I have had those before and they are awful. When mine opened I stood in a hot shower for about half an hour and just let it drain on its own. The feeling of having it drained is fantastic after the all the pain these suckers cause.level 2Fuckingouchforever11 points·

That’s a fantastic idea!level 1CleopatrasPalm13 points·

Be sure to share the progress.level 2Fuckingouchforever18 points·

It broke in its own about an hour ago. I tried to drain it by myself, but the pain is over fucking whelming. Ill try to update you guys though with more pics. I just have to get another pair of hands with this one.Continue this thread level 1[deleted]16 points·

[silinmiş]level 2Fuckingouchforever4 points·

Thanks for this reply. This is what I’m doing doing. I just can’t seem to get the other three to come to a head though :/level 2[deleted]9 points·

Good job you broke down the ibuprofen dosage there.level 2CoolMachine2 points·

IMHO this should b in the r/popping sidebarlevel 1thrownormanaway6 points·

How did it. What? I don’t even.level 2Fuckingouchforever15 points·

Had a leg injury so I was using crutches. These developed a month later. At some point the rubber on the crutches touched my arm pits so bacteria and yeah.


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