Ana sayfa Fashion the Ultimate Hair Removal Guide For Beginners

the Ultimate Hair Removal Guide For Beginners


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At-Home Waxing Tip #1: Find the Right At-Home Waxing Kit

There’s no shortage of at-home waxing kits and formulas on the market which makes finding the right one a little daunting. “If you are a first-time user, I recommend using a wax kit,” said Ismiel, like the Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax ($13). “It’s applied with a spatula, as opposed to ready-to-use wax strips.”

Kits give the user more control over where the wax is going on the skin and how thick it’s being applied, which she explained is essential when waxing coarser hair.

“Depending on the use, sugar can be used as a great exfoliator when used raw or mixed with honey, effectively removing dead skin cells from the body as a body scrub,” Ismiel said. “When melted or turned into molasses, it serves as the main component in wax formulas which helps grip onto the hairs for effective, yet gentle hair removal at home.”

Because sugar is also a natural humectant, it helps moisturize the skin and leaves it feeling smooth. Ismiel emphasized the importance of looking for natural formulas when shopping for a home waxing kit, without added colors, fragrances, and chemicals, to lower your risk of irritating the skin.


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