Ana sayfa beauty How To Get Rid Of A Nose Piercing Bump

How To Get Rid Of A Nose Piercing Bump

r/piercing - Nose piercing issues. The bump popped up a few weeks after piercing. Piercer said to apply tea tree oil. It’s been two months and it fluctuates between growing and shrinking. Two days without oil and it’s gotten almost as big as the original bump. Recommendations to make it go away?

1 year ago

Stop with the tea tree oil as this will irritate it more. Just spray saline solution about 10 minutes before your daily shower and rinse well. Bar this litha and the bump should go awaylevel 2[deleted]3 points·

Thank you. As I mentioned in another comment, he was told about the saline rinses by the piercer but never asked anyone to get him sea salt or a prepackaged saline spray. We will start this treatment tonight!level 1AutoModerator1 point·

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Jewelry is surgical steel and he washes his face with generic foaming cleanser and applies tea tree oil 3 times a day. This picture is after two days of no oil. The oil has never made the bump go away completely, just helped it shrink some and keeps it less red.level 2Vegsaurus3 points·

I suggest going to a reputable piercer who uses quality jewelry. Surgical steel isn’t adequate for healing piercings, especially since steel contains nickel which can cause irritation if the wearer is allergic.

I also suggest ditching the tea tree oil and using sterile saline wash and shower rinses.


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