Ana sayfa Genel Scabies Disease

Scabies Disease


Scabies is an itchy skin disease caused by a type of parasite that goes under the skin. The insect that causes scabies is a very small insect that can only be seen with a microscope. Scabies is an infectious disease that is known as “progressive” and is transmitted from person to person very quickly and easily. Excessive itching occurs in the hands, armpits, abdomen, between the fingers of the person suffering from scabies. During these itching, inflammations are encountered in the itchy areas.

There is a misconception that scabies is caused by dirt among the public. However , the parasite that causes scabies can also breed in clean environments. A disease that can occur at any age, scabies is more common in winter and autumn. Scabies can often be seen in schools, military, universities, and dormitories with crowds of people, community environments.

Scabies Parasite

The full name of the scabies parasite is Sarcobtes Scabei. This scab beetle, which settles under the skin of the person, starts to make holes by moving in tunnels here. Then it begins to reproduce by spawning under the skin. The scabies parasite covers a large area 15 days after it enters the body and begins to surface. When looking at the skin, blisters and sores appear. Looking at the hair roots causes inflammation. He probably continues to live on human skin throughout his life.


Scabies from the person who closes the scabies parasite is directly transmitted to the healthy person next to him. Scabies, which is very contagious and epidemic, progresses faster especially in children. Means such as having a person with scabies in close contact with other healthy people, shaking hands, hugging, sleeping together, dancing, using common clothes and items are sufficient for the transmission of scabies.

What are the symptoms of scabies?

The clearest symptom of scabies is severe intolerable itching. The severity of itching increases even more when the person is lying down at night. The toes, genital area, hips, armpits, legs are the places where itching is most common. The scab itch in question is so severe that it is strong enough to wake the person out of sleep. The places where the scabies do not itch are the breasts, back and face. If the baby suffering from scabies, itching can surround the whole body. Scabies forms tunnels under the skin in curved or straight lines. Black spots on the skin are observed on these tunnels. The reason for this is the dirt that fills these places. When scabies progresses, scaly and crusted images begin to form on the skin. In the first stage of the disease, red blisters, skin rashes and crusts appear.

Scabies Treatment

Scabies is a disease that is extremely easy to treat. For the treatment of scabies, cream-type drugs are often used. First, it is washed thoroughly with hot water for minutes. Then the body is immediately dried, and the night cream is thoroughly applied to the whole body. When you wake up in the morning, it is washed thoroughly with hot water and dried as soon as it comes out and the day cream is applied to the whole body. Make sure that the scabies that you apply night and day stay in the body for at least 8 hours. In other words, you should not be washed before 8–10 hours after the scab cream you will go to bed at night. You should apply scabies to your hands and feet, which are exposed and have to be washed by drag, repeatedly throughout the day. You should continue to apply scabies for 10 days. In addition to scab cream, the solution can also be used. Scabies solution is used just like scabies cream. However, the difference of scabies solution from scabies cream is used once a week, not every day. For the treatment of scabies, you should definitely not go to yourself and buy scabies cream or scabies solution at the pharmacy. As a doctor, you should follow the treatment recommended by your doctor. Because scabies solution may be harmful to some people.


The bed, cover, outfit and belongings of the person with scabies should not be used by anyone. Most importantly, it should be avoided from close contact with the person who has scabies. Shaking even the hand of a person with scabies is a sufficient reason for the transmission of scabies.


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